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What is APOHealth?

APOHEALTH is a wide range of over the counter medicines available from leading pharmacies across Australia. The APOHEALTH range includes products to treat everyday health issues.

What is the difference between APOHEALTH and branded products?

All medicines sold in Australian pharmacies are approved by the Australian government and must meet the same strict quality standards.

What is the difference between a PHARMACY ONLY MEDICINE and a PHARMACIST ONLY MEDICINE?

Pharmacy Only Medicines and Pharmacist Only Medicines can both be purchased without a prescription. However, for Pharmacist Only Medicines your pharmacist will decide if this medicine is suitable for you and must provide appropriate advice.

Where can I buy APOHEALTH products?

APOHEALTH is available from a number of leading pharmacies across Australia. Please see our stockists’ page for further information about a pharmacy near you stocking APOHEALTH.

What if I am not happy with the product

If you are not happy with the product please contact our National Customer Service Team at 1800 APOTEX (276 839). For any Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting, please contact 1800 195 055 (Option 1).